Sessilee Lopez Reveals Her Top Beauty Secret

Sessilee Lopez Reveals Her Top Beauty Secret

You'll be surprised by her tips.

Published August 9, 2011

Gorgeous model Sessilee Lopez knows exactly how to manage her perfect skin. The 22-year-old has eight years in the game and she never travels without two things: Band-Aids and honey. The bandages help soothe her "fierce blisters," and the honey keeps her looking supple and smooth. "Honey? For what? For a mask," she explains to Women's Wear Daily. "I just slather it on my face. It takes off the dead skin and leftover makeup. I also do an avocado-apricot-honey mask when my skin needs moisture."


Though she has plenty of tricks in her skin regimen, there's not much she can do to ease the pain of wearing a totally uncomfortable dress. The model recounts her embarrassing run-in with a beautiful, feather-adorned Christian Siriano piece. "It was just very tight so I couldn't sit down or move. I just had to look straight and take baby steps. And they had dressed everyone at the same time and I was last to walk so it was just a matter of standing for a while." Hoping to appeal to Siriano's softer side, Lopez asked, "'Can I sit?' and he's laughing like, 'B****, do you know how many hours I spent plucking those birds?'"


Beauty really is pain.

(Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for IMG)

Written by By: Kimberly Walker


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