Malinda Williams Gives Us Her Pretty Products

Malinda Williams Gives Us Her Pretty Products talks to the star about her beauty regimen.

Published August 9, 2011

(Photo: Denim Magazine)

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible for Malinda Williams to still look as youthful as the teenager she played in 1999’s The Wood? Well, she’s something of a beauty wizard. The petite star has a bathroom full of magical potions, serums, masks and supplements.


Showing off her enviable skin on the premiere issue of Denim, Williams dons a feisty feline ensemble of leopard, cheetah and tiger prints. To maintain her facial glow, she tells, “I use a product called Comodynes, which are makeup removal wipes. Once or twice a week, I use an apricot facial scrub by Epicuren.” The star also treats her dry skin by combining products. “I mix essential oils with my moisturizer, Decleor Hydra Floral Flower Nectar moisturizing cream.”


Her hydrated décolletage, arms and legs come courtesy of a sweet-smelling scrub by Diana B. called Peach Frangipani Flower. “The smell is amazing,” she remarks of the treat, adding, “She also has a Peach Frangipani Flower lotion that I mix with Carol’s Daughter Mango Mélange body butter. I’m a smell girl.”


With such a serious beauty regimen, you’d assume Williams’ fitness routine is even more strenuous. However, the actress reveals that maintaining her size two is really a genetic gift from her parents. “I don’t even want to sit here and act like I’ve had this trainer on and off over the years. A lot of it is genetic, but I do watch my diet and try to stay away from breads and pastas. Those are the things that lead me to the trainer’s door. I got it from my mom. That’s the honest truth.”

Written by By: Kimberly Walker


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