Halle Berry’s Trainer Spills (Some of) Her Workout Secrets

Halle Berry’s Trainer Spills (Some of) Her Workout Secrets

How does Halle get that body? Her trainer gives a little insight.

Published August 17, 2011


(Photo: MAP / Splash News)

On August 14, Halle Berry celebrated her 45th birthday on a beach in Malibu. She rocked a coral bikini and looked more like a 25-year-old with that killer bod.


How the heck does she do it? Her trainer, Nat Bardonnet, weighed in. “We try to get rid of what she doesn’t like while keeping her womanly shape: erasing thighs, keeping the butt high, lengthening the hamstrings, and working the abs,” he told Us Weekly.


Although Bardonnet remains tight-lipped about Halle’s exact workout regimen, he does share this:  “We do use her body weight [for the exercises] and we don’t go above 3-pound weights,” he says. “I always shock the body. The workout is never the same—we always change it.”


We may never know exactly how many reps it takes to keep Halle’s body toned, but here are two more nuggets of wisdom from her trainer if you’re trying to lose weight. “Up your cardio sessions and eat five times a day while avoiding sugar, flour, lactose, cheese, dough, rice, and pasta. If you want to lose weight and look camera ready like Halle, you can have carbs two times a week.”


Written by Nakisha Williams


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