Beyoncé Wants to Get Your “Pulse” Rising

Beyoncé Wants to Get Your “Pulse” Rising

She's on a roll with her fragrances! See the latest.

Published August 22, 2011

Beyoncé is churning out fragrances like hits!


After releasing her top-selling debut fragrance, Heat, and its olfactory follow-up, Heat Rush, Beyoncé will drop her third fragrance, Pulse.


The pop singer’s newest scent comes in a bottle that was designed to look like it’s upside down, inspired by her elaborate stage costumes. It sounds like something her performance alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, would reach for:   


"Pulse represents the woman I am on stage,” Beyoncé told ELLE magazine. “When I think about excitement, it makes me think about my heart racing and a pulsating beat­ — it’s my stage persona. Heat represents my sensual side; it’s very spicy and Southern. Heat Rush is more about the woman I am on my off time, when I’m on vacation.”


We got a whiff of Pulse at Beyoncé’s Roseland Ballroom show in New York and even though the fragrance is being billed as “powerful” and “electrifying,” it comes off as a crisp citrusy-floral scent that doesn’t overpower. Its top notes include pear blossom and Curacao, middle notes fuse bluebird orchid, peony and jasmine and base notes incorporate vanilla, musk and wood.


Pulse will be available in September and Bey is already promoting it with a new ad that features her giving a powerful strut in a metallic dress (at least this one doesn't look like it'll be banned!).


Will you add Pulse to your fragrance collection? Sound off in the comments.

(Photo: Beyonce Parfums)

Written by Nakisha Williams


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