Zoe Kravitz Is Not a “Quirky Fashionista”

Zoe Kravitz Is Not a “Quirky Fashionista”

The actress covers ELLE South Africa and tells them she hates the label. See why.

Published August 23, 2011

(Photo: Elle Magazine)

We love how Zoe Kravitz lives by her own fashion rules and completely works a creative and interesting mix of styles, but whatever you do, don’t call her quirky!



The actress, who covers ELLE South Africa’s September 2011 issue told the magazine, “The whole Hollywood thing where people want to put me into this ‘quirky-fashionista, daughter of’ category makes me mad because it’s promoting something that I don’t believe in and it’s not who I am,” she said. “Hollywood is like a really sad, grown up version of high school where people get labeled as “cool,” “not cool,” “jock,” “bombshell,” “quirky”…it’s like a caste system. You’re either in or you’re out.”



The magazine threw away the labels and captured different sides of Zoe. She strikes a flirty, sultry and sassy pose on the cover in a Woolworth’s dark denim chambray blouse, denim shorts and studded Jimmy Choo heels. Inside the issue, however, she models splashier looks, including a print Sass and Bide dress with embellishments.



Zoe said her favorite shopping destinations are the Sunday flea market in New York, the Rose Bowl Market in L.A., the Santa Monica flea market and Portobello Market in London, and notes that Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniel Day-Lewis are her style icons. And for all her fashion “risk taking” she still feels like she has had fashion mistakes. “Oh man, I make them every day, I have so many,” she said. “I look back on some of my outfits and I’m like: ‘Why did I wear that? Where are my friends and why didn’t they tell me not to leave the house?’ If they had, I probably would’ve said, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about. This looks amazing.’”

Written by Nakisha Williams


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