How Sanaa's Exercise Regimen Keeps Her Young

How Sanaa's Exercise Regimen Keeps Her Young

Looks like the trampoline is also a fountain of youth.

Published August 26, 2011

(Photo: JET, September 2011)

Sanaa Lathan covers the latest JET magazine looking effortlessly beautiful as usual. Inside the issue, the actress dishes on whether or not she’ll have kids, which she says “is in God’s hands,” as well as her secret exercise obsession. “I jump on a mini trampoline every day,” she reveals. “It’s my favorite form of exercise.”

Seems like fun, huh? But while you’re performing what seems like child’s play, you’re actually getting a serious workout. The point of impact causes your cells to resist in order to shoot your body upwards. This resistance builds strength, tones muscles and has even been linked to slowing down the aging process.  

There’s another reason why Sanaa holds the trampoline close to her heart—it drastically brightens your mood. The act helps to produce adrenalin, which immediately lifts a lethargic, cranky spirit.

Sounds like we need to make a trip to Toys R Us.  

Written by Kimberly Walker


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