Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore Team Up for Glamour and a Cause

Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore Team Up for Glamour and a Cause

Right on time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, these starlets discuss a big project in the October issue.

Published September 1, 2011

Glamour magazine boasts a superstar-packed cover for their October 2011 issue with Alicia Keys (in a T-shirt by Alexander Wang and J Brand jeans), Jennifer Aniston (in a Splendid tank and Hudson jeans) and Demi Moore (in a 180 by Jean Yu tank and Levi’s jeans). Each star appears fresh-faced while sharing a group hug.


The lovely and talented ladies came together to dish about a new project they’re involved with called Five, a series of short films about women fighting breast cancer. Each cover star directed one of the films, which will be woven together and aired on Lifetime during a two-hour block on October 10 (right on time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month).


Aniston, who’s an executive producer and a big force behind Five, directed Mia, a film about a woman who initially thinks her diagnosis is a death sentence. The group was “intrigued by the challenge of creating short stories that would defy audiences’ expectations of the subject,” said Aniston. “We wanted the balance of drama with humor and irreverence … we wanted stories that were informative without being heavy-handed. Oh, and they needed to be brilliantly written.”


Other stories in the series include the Moore-directed film Charlotte, in which a little girl watches her mother die of breast cancer and becomes determined to help others with the disease. Keys, a new mother to son Egypt, directed Lili, a film about a 35-year-old woman who develops breast cancer and is forced to deal with her relationship with her mother. “After I read the scripts, I felt like this was something important, and I wanted to be a part of it,” the singer told the magazine. “I chose Lili because she’s close to my age and I understood the family dynamic. I had an immediate idea of what I could bring to it.”


In addition to the Five project, the starlets each dish on what’s going on in their personal lives — from relationships, to babies, to dispelling rumors — but we love that they spent most of the conversation promoting this important topic!


Read the entire article in the October 2011 issue of Glamour, on newsstands September 6.

Written by BET-Staff


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