Karl Lagerfeld and Snoop Dogg Are Working on a Music Video

Karl Lagerfeld and Snoop Dogg Are Working on a Music Video

Get the details on this “odd couple” collaboration.

Published August 31, 2011

Are Karl Lagerfeld and Snoop Dogg the next great designer/rapper duo?


The Chanel impresario attended The D-O-double-G’s “West Coast” party in Paris earlier this summer and this week they’ve been spotted in Saint-Tropez, apparently shooting a music video together.


Women’s Wear Daily reports that the designer recently appeared at St. Tropez hot spot, Senequier, dressed in all-white to shoot a video clip with Euro nightclub owner and French artist Jean-Roch for a song dedicated to the celebrity-loved resort town. Snoop Dogg is also featured on the track.


Oh, to be a fly on the wall when these two get together! Does Snoop slip the designer a little something-something to get him smiling for once (but who would be able to tell with Karl’s ever-present shades)? Does the style godfather, who is quoted as saying “sweatpants are a sign of defeat,” give the Doggfather some more polished style pointers?


We can only imagine, but we can’t wait to see the final cut of this video! And if Snoop’s in the house when Karl heads to New York for Fashion Week to support the capsule collection he's designed for Macy’s, we’ll die!


What do you think of this pair?


(Photos from left:  fafotos/PictureGroup, Bret Johnson/PictureGroup)

Written by Nakisha Williams


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