Bow Wow Gets Inked for His Baby Girl

Bow Wow Gets Inked for His Baby Girl

The rapper vows to be with "Shai" forever.

Rapper Bow Wow previously proclaimed to the world how the birth of his first daughter, Shai, truly changed his life, and now he’s made his message permanent. The tattoo enthusiast recently inked “Shai” on his right wrist.

Global Grind was on hand for the experience and spoke to the mother of his child, Jolie Chavez, who shared the kind of life she wants her daughter to have.I want my daughter to be as regular as possible. I don't want her to be sucked into this superficial life. I want her to have a real life.”

Chavez goes on to say that she doesn’t want her father’s celebrity status to hinder her dreams. “I want her to go to a regular school and do whatever she wants to do. I want her to forget any of that just because of who her father is. So everything I didn't see when I was growing up, I want her to see it.”

Shai is such a little cutie.

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Written by Kimberly Walker


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