Twist & Shout: Steal Solo and Corinne's Natural 'Dos

Twist & Shout: Steal Solo and Corinne's Natural 'Dos

Have you mastered two-strand twisting? We can help.

Published September 20, 2011

New seasonal trends are screaming something that we’ve known all along: natural hair is hot! For you experimental curly cuties that have been rocking your puffs, pompadours, Mohawks and finger styles, here are a few tips to getting the ultimate, defined twists. Once you’ve mastered this foundational style, you can wear-n-go, or mold your twists into something even funkier.

Solange and Corinne Bailey Rae wear great examples of fluffy, fab two-strands twists. For Solo’s look, we recommend twisting while wet, and for Corinne’s voluminous twists, twist while dry.

To set the hair while it’s wet, detangle and apply a generous amount of Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream and twist in neat, horizontal rows about the width of a small Sharpie marker. Uniform twists are easier to style than wild, crazy twists. Dry hair should be set in twists with the help of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

Once dry (for wet and dry twists), beat frizz by scrunching on Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss while gently unraveling  twists in the opposite direction they were twisted. Use a wide toothpick at the roots to slightly lift and hide parts, along with a blow dryer on a medium setting to elongate twists. Simply glide the dryer across the finished twists for maximum stretch.

Fluff, and go!

(Photos: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images for Rimmel; Terrence Jennings/PictureGroup)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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