Try Kelis' Wash-N-Go Glam

Try Kelis' Wash-N-Go Glam

Stylist Anthony Dickey points "short curly" girls in the right direction.

Published September 22, 2011

While the other natural babes are wearing their gigantic fros, you’ve come to love your short, sleek, textured hair. If like Kelis, you’re a quick "wash-n-go" girl, stylist and multi-textural maven, Anthony Dickey, has a few tips for you.


It’s true. Short hair requires a little more daily attention. You will have to wash more frequently and finger style (the process of vigorously running product through your hair), practically every day to achieve the defined look you desire. But, don’t fret! Dickey guides us toward his Hair Rules Wavy Mousse to make the “short hair, don’t care” regimen super easy. “It’s a light mousse with tons of hold. For short styles, it gives defined waves and curls. It also dries very fast.”


Dickey also recommends that short curly girls style in the shower. “Your hair should be done when you step out of the shower. When finger-styling, I use a bunch of product and start at the roots and work my way to the bottom. It’s easy to style when the hair is soft and wet. Women don’t want a production.”


He also helped us bash the myth that Black women shouldn’t wash their hair every day for fear of extreme dryness. “It’s water!” he says with a chuckle. “As long as you’re replenishing your hair’s moisture with a daily application of conditioner, you’re not going to dry your hair out.”


Dickey’s mousse is thick enough to allow those with shorter styles to mold, stretch and set their curls. Brush up the sides for Mohawk appeal or finger-coil for a fun, straw-set finish.

(Photo: Alpha/Landov)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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