How Angela Simmons Maintains Her Heavenly Curves

How Angela Simmons Maintains Her Heavenly Curves spoke to the star about some of her workout tricks.

Published September 28, 2011

(Photo: Fame Pictures)

Have you recovered after seeing Angela Simmons’s PETA ad? The beauty stripped down to persuade meat eaters to switch to vegetarianism. We’re sure she sold a few folks with her “Garden of Eve” inspired shoot that showed off her amazing curves.

“I like to run every day and I also include yoga. I recommend yoga for women to center themselves. It’s about self-realization,” says the Pastry co-creator. She also advises women not to cheat on their diets if they’re attempting to lose weight. “You can’t cheat,” she says firmly. “You need to stay consistent to reach your goal and then you’ll have a little leeway. I don’t cheat a lot, but if I do, I just make it up in the gym later.”

Simmons makes healthy swaps like forgoing the bun on a veggie burger or substituting less fatty oils when cooking for herself at home. “You don’t have to cut out everything that you like. It’s all about portion control.”

To keep her skin flawless, she uses oil that can also be used for sautéing veggies. “I use organic cold pressed coconut oil on my body. It’s all natural and it’s great for your skin."

Written by Kimberly Walker


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