Double Take (Halloween Edition!): Ciara vs. Eva Marcille as Storm

Double Take (Halloween Edition!): Ciara vs. Eva Marcille as Storm

Whose costume blew you away?

Published October 31, 2011

(Photos from left: Koi Sojer /,  MJT/AdMedia/Sipa Pres)

Halle Berry played the mutant superhero, “Storm,” on screen in the 2000 adaption of the comic book series X-men, then Ciara and Eva Marcille both resurrected the look for Halloween.

It’s a nightmare to walk into a costume party and see someone else in your same getup, but at least they did it on separate occasions! Ciara grabbed a sleek platinum wig to embody the heroine last year for her 25th birthday bash at Haze in Las Vegas. Her strappy, leather turtleneck bodysuit and fly Christian Louboutin heels set the foundation for the costume, but she really nailed it with piercing white contacts and fierce poses.

Eva also wore glowing light eyes for the look, though her lace front wig was longer and tousled. She wore a plunging bodysuit with a belt and added over-the-knee boots and oversized hoops to accessorize. It’s not as polished and, if someone didn’t know better, they might’ve mistaken her for Lil Kim, but we got the point.

A lot of ladies aim for sexy on Halloween, and this is a great costume to achieve that without letting it all  hang out in the colder climates (because who wants to be shivering in the “Sexy Maid” outfit?).

Which one of these starlets made the best “Storm" for fright night? Vote in our poll!

Written by Nakisha Williams


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