Ray J Discusses Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston During Book Promotion

Ray J Discusses Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston During Book Promotion

Ray J discusses Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston during book promotion. His relationship book on cheating men pulls from personal experience.

Published February 14, 2012

Ray J has decided that he has a thing or two to teach the public about relationships and has released a new book for women titled Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray. During an interview on The Insider just days before Whitney Houston's death, Ray J discussed his cheating past, being "hypnotized" by Kim Kardashian (disguised as "KK" in the book), and his private relationship with the late singer.

“I was hypnotized," he tells host Kevin Frazier about his time with "KK." "Waking up in the morning with toothpaste already on the toothbrush, a warm towel all ready to go to wash your face. Just certain different perks of being with a woman like that could really trap you into an emotional world that’s hard to get out of. The relationship with KK ended because we just felt like, you know, we’re friends and honest with each other. But as far as our commitment as a one-on-one relationship, that just wasn’t working.”

“As far as sex, it was intense. As far as the relationship with KK, it was a roller-coaster ride of fun and emotions and infidelity and lies…from both ends. We were the same person, we lived the same life, we lied the same, we cheated the same. We were the same person just in different forms," he continued. "I think at the end of the day it was a clash."

Ray J was also seen hanging out with Houston
, which caused some to raise eyebrows and question how deep their relationship went, but Ray J doesn't admit to having any romantic or sexual relationship with the singer.

"You know people blow this thing out of proportion," he said. "I mean that’s my friend; I’ve been knowing her for years and years and she’s a part of the family. So when we go out the next day it’s everywhere and there’s so many different stories but that’s my people, that’s my friend."

“Our friendship is something that people may not understand maybe because of the age difference but we’ve always just been friends…We hug, we laugh, we go out to dinner, we talk about different things in our lives…we’ve always kept our relationship as private as we could.”

As for the book, which was released for Valentine's Day, Ray J says it's not a tell-all, but rather "a book about revelation about the things that I’ve done and the things I want to do in the future."

What do you think about Ray J and his new relationship book? Do you buy his advice?

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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