Ice-T and Coco Share Relationship Advice

Ice-T and Coco Share Relationship Advice

The hot couple says it's important to "stay on the same team."

Published February 17, 2012

The Ice Loves Coco stars recently sat down with CeleBuzz to dish out some relationship advice. Considering the couple has been married and happy for a decade, it's nice to take a peek into how they make things work when countless celebrity couples are crumbling around them. For starters, the two don't consider breaking up as an exit strategy when things get rough.

"We’re not breaking up. It’s not part of the plan," Ice-T says. "We talk a lot, we got great communication and I think that you gotta stay on the same team. I think a lot of times, celebrity life, both people have careers and they kind of create two teams that potentially work against each other, you gotta stay on the same team."

"We don’t fight, we don’t argue. That’s not really how our operation runs," he continues. "I’ve been running business for years and if you raise your voice around me, you’re fired. We don’t deal with problems like that so it was kinda important for us to show people that you can be functional. I don’t think just because you’re on television everything is extremely dysfunctional. Now, it can be crazy and wild, but it’s not malicious."

Ice-T and Coco have yet to bear any children together, but apparently Coco's fans are anxious for a little one to come into their lives.

"It’s funny, every time I talk about babies on my Twitter, it’s just overhaul of all these woman just want it, want it, want it. If that’s the case why don’t you guys just have one for me, and send it in the mail," Coco laughs. "But thank you so much for the support but it’s very cute how everyone supports me that much. Because if you look at these other crazy couples, they’re not saying have a baby with them. They don’t want them to have babies but obviously they like Ice and I as a couple, and they respect us."

As for dating tips for those still looking for love?

"Get your s--t together," Ice T suggests. "When I say get yourself together, I mean not only financially but mentally. You don’t wanna be a guy that nags and drives a chick crazy. You wanna be a mellow, good guy if you want a good girl, and the same goes for women. Stop worrying about what’s so wrong with the guys and take a good look at yourself. You’re going to get what you give.… I think people have unjustifiable egos and you got the guy that’s got no job, out of shape, he’s not together but he wants some supermodel. And you got the girl that’s not really taking care of herself, she’s all f----d up and wants some handsome rich man. And nah, not gonna happen. Step your game up and you’ll get your equal usually."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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