Raven-Symone Annoyed by Media's Obsession With Weight

Raven-Symone Annoyed by Media's Obsession With Weight

The actress, who recently she pounds, says she "didn't really do it to get attention."

Published April 6, 2012

Raven-Symoné might be sporting a slimmer figure lately, but don't expect her to shove that in our faces. In fact, the 26-year-old actress says she's annoyed by the media attention her weight loss has been receiving.

“I’m not amazed. It was kind of irritating, because I didn’t really do it to get attention. I didn’t really do it on purpose," she tells the Huffington Post. "It happened, and I don’t really like talking about it that much. I believe you should be comfortable in your skin no matter what you go through — emotionally or whatever — as long as you’re healthy. It was just a lot for me. I really didn’t like it.”

She also talked about society's obsession with being thin and the mixed signals people receive about making good choices.

“We’re in a society based on beauty. We have fast-food commercials followed by a [weight-loss] commercial, so I can understand the fascination. The way we function in society — it doesn’t make sense sometimes because it’s all based on how you look and then how badly you should feel after you eat the food we just advertised. And then when someone in the public eye goes up or down, it’s like a major moment."

So how did she accidentally lose weight? By removing stress from her life, though now we wonder if her role in the Broadway version of Sister Act will affect her new habits.

“After my tour and That’s So Raven, the weight came off because I stopped stressing. I’m the kind of person — I stress and gain weight. I was really stressed throughout my whole life and then I did take a break. I lost weight and I got right back into the stress race. Hopefully I’ll be taking another break again soon.”

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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