Meagan Good Dishes on Her Engagement

Meagan Good Dishes on Her Engagement

The actress spills about the moment she got a ring on it and how marriage will change her.

Published April 27, 2012

(Photo: Courtesy Rolling Out Magazine)

Meagan Good has played the love interest in plenty of TV shows and films. Now the 30-year-old actress is finding herself on her way to her own fairy tale endings now that her Sony exec slash preacher beau DeVon Franklin has popped the question. The Think Like a Man star told Global Grind she went into shock.

"I drew a complete blank. Because I had no idea what was going on and it took me a moment to figure out what was even going on in the moment. Once I realized what was going on, my whole brain just shut down. It just went into complete shock. I heard half of what he was saying but there was a whole portion of it that was like a black hole of shock and emotion. Wow, this is really happening right now. It’s kind of a surreal moment. It's like you're in an alternate universe."

According to Meagan's rep, the couple has known each other for years. They began dating just after production wrapped on Jumping the Broom, which Meagan starred in and DeVon produced.

While no date has been revealed for the big day, the actress is already predicting the ways marriage might change her and the public’s perception of her.

“People do have a perception of me, but as long as I continue on this path, I think that their opinions will fall into line with where they need to be,” she said in a Rolling Out interview in this month’s issue, which she covers. “It’s interesting that I said months ago that I know that the next man that I get into a serious relationship [with] is going to be my husband. I also said that, from here on out I am going to be completely celibate and people laughed at me. They said, ‘yeah right, she can’t do that … who is she trying to fool?’ So it was hurtful that so many people mocked me, based on opinions of people that have never met me a day in their life because they didn’t believe that’s who I really was. So I do think that the evolution in my life will change people’s opinions of me … but even if it doesn’t, I’m OK with that. I don’t live for them; I live for God, and for the people that God has placed in my life. Everything else is just a [distraction], and I’m not going to be distracted.” always gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, tips and news. We are committed to bringing you the best of Black lifestyle and celebrity culture.

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