Alicia Keys Dishes on Traveling Alone, Breastfeeding, and Body Image

Alicia Keys Dishes on Traveling Alone, Breastfeeding, and Body Image

Alicia Keys talks about sex, breastfeeding, and traveling alone. The singer opened up on Lifetime's new show The Conversation.

Published May 15, 2012

During an intimate interview on Lifetime's new show The Conversation, Alicia Keys opened up about raising her son Egypt with husband Swizz Beatz, the pains of breastfeeding, sex, and body image.

"I think that we as females are like the most beautiful, gorgeous creatures on the world and I think that we’re gorgeous no matter what size that we are. In fact, I personally think that we are more beautiful when we are a bit thicker, bigger and more robust. I just think it’s gorgeous," Keys said. "We’re beautiful not because of what size we are, we’re beautiful because of how your mind works and you’re beautiful because you have this gorgeous heart and that comes from way more than you fitting in some size two dress. And we’re beautiful because of all these things that come up and tumble out of us and that’s beautiful because I just always feel like I love being a woman. I really love it."

In October 2010, Keys gave birth to a baby boy through a natural delivery and she said that while she loved it, she wasn't prepared for the pain of breastfeeding.

"I remember I was in the bed and I couldn’t move because it hurts and there is no way around it. I delivered naturally and I kept asking myself, 'What is wrong with you?' You spent hours and hours in labor and delivered naturally but you can’t take some [milk coming in.] They skipped that part; they didn’t tell me about that one."

She also explained how she came up with Egypt's name and why it held so much significance for the singer. Keys traveled to the African country on her own after working endlessly and on the verge of burning out. She said traveling by herself was an exciting and "liberating" experience.

"Egypt was a really big important trip for me in my life. It came at a certain point where I had been working just endlessly and I really had no idea what it was to take a true vacation and it came to a place where I just really needed it or be on the verge of a break down. So when I went, it was such an uplifting, eye opening, historic, powerful and re-genitive experience that I hold a very fond place for Egypt. So when it came to naming our baby, I fell in love with it, we both loved it and decided like months before he was born."

Keys even opened up about what her favorite sex positions were saying, "Any and all sex positions. I happen to be a traditional kind of girl. I’m also experimental; we can have fun." always gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, tips and news. We are committed to bringing you the best of Black lifestyle and celebrity culture.

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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