Kelly Rowland Shares Her Abs Workout

Kelly Rowland Shares Her Abs Workout

The singer spends 45 minutes working out her six pack.

Published June 12, 2012

As part of US Weekly's "Hot Bodies 2012" issue, Kelly Rowland shares her abs workouts with the magazine and a few of the routines celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins puts her through.

"I use my core for everything. Absolutely everything," Rowland says. "When I'm dancing on stage, when I'm walking around. I have to make sure that my core is strong, it's tight."

The 31-year-old singer hits the gym five to six times per week and works on her abs for 45 minutes each time.

"One of the most challenging abs exercises that I do is the upper fibers crunch and I sometimes want to strangle Jeanette for it because she makes it seem so fun and it is fun, but it's definitely a challenge," she says.

Rowland's favorite exercises are the Burn-It Bicycles, which, along with the Upper Fibers workout, gives her quick results. "I love 'em!" she says. "When I first started working with Jeanette she would make me do 25 in one set. Now, I do 50."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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