L.A. Artist Renders Diddy, Jay-Z and Kanye West as Royalty

L.A. Artist Renders Diddy, Jay-Z and Kanye West as Royalty

L.A. artist renders Diddy, Jay-Z and Kanye West as royalty. KAI presents hip hop artists as members of a medieval court.

Published June 13, 2012

(Photo: Courtesy dazeddigital.com)

Some might consider Diddy, Jay-Z and Kanye West juggernauts in the hip hop world, but an artist has taken it a step further and rendered the three artists as royalty. Los Angeles-based street artist KAI presented the three along with Eminem and Drake as members of a medieval court in his Now Royalty collection, which he presented at his debut solo show at the Guetta Gallery.

While KAI has gained recognition for his street installations, like his "anti-advertising" for Marlboro, where the iconic cigarette box bears the word "Morons" on the front, he's happy to take his work in a different direction.

"I'm happy I got to show another side to my art," KAI tells Dazed Digital. "While I am known for my street art, I was mentored to appreciate art history and all forms of art, including classical painting. I am not a one-dimensional artist and I challenge myself to work in many different forms and mediums."

KAI hopes that showing off his versatility as an artist will lead to new opportunities and he already has ideas for his next exhibition, but he'll keep those under wraps for now.

"In the meantime, I will continue to do street art and work with wheat pastes and silkscreens," he adds. "We have received a great response when I brought a few selected works to SXSW, and I hope that the entire exhibit can travel. Hip hop is global — I love getting emails from around the world about Now Royalty."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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