Eve Opens Up About Her Body Image Struggle


Eve Opens Up About Her Body Image Struggle

The rapper says her biggest issue is her booty.

Published April 11, 2013

Body image issues do not discriminate and even the most confident of women can struggle and become obsessed with their looks. Eve is no different. The rapper recently sat down with StyleLikeU's Round Table series on body image and revealed what her challenges have been since entering the entertainment industry.

"I honestly didn't know about body image until I got in the business — and for me, I'm a girl from Philly. All Philly girls are the same; feisty with a fat a--. And then, as I started getting into fashion, the fashion world started liking me and I started having to get samples and started thinking, 'What is my face going to look like in the picture? What am I going to look like when I film? What does this dress look like in a picture?' That becomes obsessive."

Eve recalls wearing a dress to an awards show and nearly passing out before running to the bathroom to "take down" the too-tiny outfit. In another incident, she was offered laxatives when she couldn't fit into another ensemble. She says her on-going challenge is getting her backside to look as she envisions it.

"I struggle with my booty," Eve shares. "It started when I was 15. There's another part that lives in my head and an a-- that lives in my head as well, so I've gone to trainers, I've done squats, I've done it all. No 'surgery,' nothing like that, but it's not been to where I wanted it to be, not bigger, just toned."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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