Commentary: Fashion Flower Power - NYC's First Daughter

Chiara de Blasio

Commentary: Fashion Flower Power - NYC's First Daughter

How Chiara de Blasio is becoming a new role model.

Published November 6, 2013

In a world where people respected privacy, the well behaved children of politicians would be able to go about their lives free from media maliciousness. But based on some of the talk hurled at the Obama girls, that is not the case. (When, for instance, then 11-year-old Malia went on vacation with twists in her hair, conservative websites said she looked like "ghetto trash"). 

So since children are not safe from people with something negative to say and a keyboard, it is fair to assume that NYC's newest first daughter, Chiara de Blasio, the 18-year-old child of New York City's mayor elect, Bill de Blasio, could be easy fodder. She, like her Afro'd brother, Dante, has made zero effort to look like the typical politician's kid in safe, boring outfits and unremarkable hairstyles. Chiara, with her velvet dresses, short locs and signature floral headbands, is not playing it safe, she's playing it just how she feels. And I feel like: finally!

Finally someone in the public eye seems to remember that New York, which used to be known for its individual style and for being a place where pairing velvet dresses with menswear-inspired flatforms and a floral headband from Urban Outfitters didn't mean you were a weirdo, it meant you were a New Yorker. And so far the press has not attacked her for daring not to look like everyone else, and that is also refreshing.

While we aren't collectively spending time debating "How could she wear that?" or "Why isn't her hair straight?" or "How does this reflect on her father?" we can think, "Damn, she seems comfortable in her own skin" and "It's so nice to see a young woman who doesn't feel she has to conform because there is a news camera in the room." Here's to four (or eight, if her Dad does a good job) more years of style and personality from a first daughter who is reminding us that nothing is more politically correct than confidence.

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 (Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Written by Ayana Byrd


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