Sanaa Lathan Does Sultry for Rolling Out Photo Shoot

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan Does Sultry for Rolling Out Photo Shoot

The actress talks about opening up through social media and being a hermit.

Published November 15, 2013

(Photo: RollingOut, December 2013)

Sanaa Lathan has been busy promoting The Best Man Holiday, which hits theaters today, but had time to pose for a hot photo shoot with Rolling Out magazine and chat about living a low-profile life and revealing what the public might not know about her.

"I'm really goofy and silly. Everyone in my life knows that, but I don't think that the public really knows that I like to have fun. I like to laugh … you know, life is short, so it's all about having fun," she said.

To try and get the public to know a little more about her, the once-private Lathan is starting to embrace social media and giving us little peeks into her career and life. She's also starting to see how influential it can be when artists are more engaged with their fans.

"Well, this is definitely a new thing for me. I was very resistant to social media at first, and actually just a couple months ago when I was on [The Best Man Holiday] set, I started having fun with it. At first, it was just a creative thing for me, and then I got encouraged by everyone from my agent to the studios, to keep it up. It's really interesting to me how involved social media can be from a business perspective, so I'm interested in exploring where it can go as it relates to my career."

But don't be surprised if Lathan decides to retreat into her shell once again as she admitted that her mood can swing from social butterfly to hermit.

"You know, I go through phases. I have really social periods where I have to be around lots of friends, and go out … I love the club, loud music, and the energy of the nightlife," she said. "But then I go through periods where I'm literally a hermit. I'm a Virgo, and they call the Virgo the hermit, so I'm just by myself, and I read and lie in bed all day, and retreat inward. So you know, it swings with me, and really just depends on how I'm feeling." always gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, tips and news. We are committed to bringing you the best of Black lifestyle and celebrity culture.

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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