Commentary: Is Kanye to Blame for the Kardashian Xmas Card?

Kardashian Christmas card

Commentary: Is Kanye to Blame for the Kardashian Xmas Card?

The family proves that high fashion and holiday cheer don't always mix.

Published December 4, 2013

Before the Thanksgiving leftovers were finished, the Kardashians aired their Christmas special, a 90-minute hodgepodge of gift giving, reminiscing and home movies, culminating with a photo shoot for the annual family card. E! Online called the photo, shot by David LaChapelle, "stunning," but they probably had no choice since the show airs on E! In truth, the picture was chilling and weird and maybe, just maybe, Kanye's fault.

The Kardashian holiday card has always been a big deal. They get dolled up in gowns, tuxes and matching PJs and have posed with Santa, Ninja Turtles and even a Harley, as captured here. While the outfits, glitz, glam and drama have definitely turned up over the years, cards of years past shared a story of people who are happy and in love and excited to wish you and yours a happy holiday.

That was then and this is now. The new card has been described as an intricate, high-fashion photo of the Kardashian women (with Bruce looking like he’s crying out to be rescued from a glass case) "striking poses in a ransacked, carnival-like room of sorts filled with dollar bills, a sparkling gold money sign, mannequins, and photos of the family members, among many other things.” Things like a box of Wheaties with Olympic-era Bruce on the front and the Rolling Stone magazine cover of Yeezus as Jesus.

Yet, just because Kim's husband-to-be wasn't “technically” included in the photo shoot doesn't mean his influence wasn't all over it. After months of Kanye complaining and insisting that Kim is a fashion icon with more relevance than the first lady, is it mere coincidence that the holiday card substitutes Christmas cheer for over-the-top high fashion? David LaChapelle, a photographer ‘Ye has worked with before numerous times, is known for combining hyperrealism with celebrity subjects, not chipper holiday cards. And while no one expects the Kardashians to head to Sears, it's curious that they would hire someone who doesn't want the men of the family in the photo (adios, Scott, Lamar, Rob and Brody) and who is nearly livid when Kourtney's kids arrive. "There are children on the set," he says through clenched teeth when Mason dares to make his presence known.

If Kanye thought this might turn fashion tides in Kim’s favor, he’s probably not going to get his wishes. Anna Wintour probably isn’t sorting through Christmas cards to find her next cover subject. But the photo may be just what Tim Burton needs for inspiration if he’s making another Nightmare Before Christmas.

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(Photo: David LaChapelle/ E!)

Written by Ayana Byrd


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