Angel Haze Dishes on Her 'Pansexual' Style With British Vogue

Angel Haze

Angel Haze Dishes on Her 'Pansexual' Style With British Vogue

The rapper admits she dresses like she's "going to a funeral every day."

Published March 14, 2014

(Photo: Vogue UK, March 2014)

Angel Haze is on the come-up and the 22-year-old rapper has nabbed a fashion feature with British Vogue's March issue to add to her collection. Inside, she poses in funky looks that show off her self-titled "pan-sexual" style and talks about not caving in to other's fashion suggestions.

"People try to tell me what to wear — that hyper-sexualized look. I'm usually a very covered up person, but when I first started, so many people said you need to dress sexier. I was like, 'Dude, I weigh 102 pounds. I look like a f--king teenager; there is nothing here at all,'" she said.

What she does love is black, almost funereal ensembles that make her look depressed when she's actually quite happy.

"Usually, I think my style says, 'Don't f--king talk to me.' I don't look good in color, so I only wear black — maybe a spot of color on my shoes," Haze said. "I dress like I'm going to a funeral every day, like I'm f--king depressed. I'm actually super happy; I'm like rainbows and s--t. I've learned recently over the past two years, that your sense of style is a way of projecting what's inward outward into the world."

Haze, who grew up in an abusive household with a "cult-like religious family," also shared her wish to help troubled teens who are living in hard situations like she did.

"I have plans for charitable outreaches. I want to start a house for troubled teens who are in abusive homes or don't feel loved and launch a scholarship fund for the homeless. I know it sounds like Miss America, but I do really mean it." always gives you the latest 
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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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