Gladys Knight to Female Singers: 'There's a Better Way to Present Your Gift'

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight to Female Singers: 'There's a Better Way to Present Your Gift'

The singer wishes today's stars didn't turn to sex appeal to sell music.

Published September 11, 2014

The music industry has certainly changed for women since Gladys Knight busted through doors in the 1960s and some of those new facets aren't sitting right with the soul singer. While there are many female artists reaping success today, Knight feels that too many of them are turning to sex appeal in order to sell their music. During an interview with to promote her latest album, Where My Heart Belongs, Knight wanted to let younger singers know that they don't have to succumb to those pressures in order to make it to the top.

"I don't envy them, coming through the industry at this time, because it's a totally different industry. It is money-driven. It is power-driven. They would do anything to get famous," Knight said. "We came through with a moral value, an integrity value and a great love for what we were doing. So it helped us to do the things that we needed to do to be better. We didn't have to be on the cover of every magazine, we didn't have to be doing something dramatic just to get some attention. We let our talents speak for that."

So true. Knight has received countless accolades during her career, including four Grammy Awards, and have we ever seen her strip down to her undies to promote her work? No, but the 70-year-old singer says she sees why they feel "that's the road they have to take in the industry these days."

"But how far will you go with that? That's what saddens my heart. We were taught to dress respectfully for our audiences … did you hear me say dress? Not take it off, put it on. I'm just disappointed with all of that. But there's a way to present your gift…. If you're a singer, make sure you do that," Knight said. "I want my women to stand up." always gives you the latest 
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(Photo: Bryan Steffy/BET/Getty Images for BET)

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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