Miguel Gives the Coveteur a Tour of His Playa del Rey Home


Miguel Gives the Coveteur a Tour of His Playa del Rey Home

The singer shares his devotion to the Yves Saint Laurent brand.

Published July 1, 2015

Miguel recently opened up his doors to let the readers of The Coveteur get a glimpse of the singer’s abode. And, of course, the editors couldn’t step into his home without sharing the contents of his closet, which, according to them, “could serve as catalogue of Hedi Slimane's greatest menswear hits thus far from his tenure at Saint Laurent.” We can dig that.


"Saint Laurent, for fashion, [was] the beginning of more chic, rock ‘n’ roll aesthetics, and embracing that,” Miguel explained. “I think [it was] a new level, a big change in fashion, in culture. It took a lot of f****** balls, man. Moving the brand to L.A., they criticized him, and then it was still insanely successful... I think I never expected that."

One particular Yves Saint Laurent jacket holds a special place in his heart. It’s a black-and-white striped number that was worn during his 2013 Grammy Awards performance with Wiz Khalifa.

"[This jacket] is from the Grammy performance that changed my life,” he said. “It was literally the day after performing for the Grammys, and people were talking [about my music] with a different level of respect and awareness so that was definitely a really happy time of my life."

Miguel, who has shoes for days and cites David Bowie, Miles Davis and Michael Jackson as his musical style icons, also opened up about why fashion means so much to him. While his standout pieces signify an important moment in his life, nowadays it’s not just about acquiring clothes, but about the vibes and feelings they express.

"A lot of what was shot at the house is kind of what got me to this place, like my leather jacket,” he said. “The energy in those clothes is what that was about. Now I think it’s less literal and it’s more about that I want to convey, a sense of connectivity… it’s really quite spiritual when you think about being it. Yourself and your purpose, that is what I want to inspire. A sense of spirituality, an honesty with yourself… not even caring what people see. It’s about knowing who you are in spite of all of those things."

To read his entire feature, click here.

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(Photos: The Coveteur)

(Photos: The Coveteur)

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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