Ciara Chats About Son’s Style, Shopping With Russell Wilson

Future Jr., Ciara, Russell Wilson

Ciara Chats About Son’s Style, Shopping With Russell Wilson

The singer says she's obsessed with buying clothes for Future Jr.

Published September 22, 2015

Ciara’s style is usually as spot-on as her dance moves, so it’s fitting that this mom’s fashion prowess would extend to her son’s outfits. In a recent interview with Essence at its Street Style Awards, Ciara chatted about her obsession with buying clothes for Future Jr. and her favorite shops for all things baby.


“I have to say the Ralph Lauren store, the baby Polo store, is the best for me because everything fits him perfectly,” she said. “And then I love going to Baby Gap, too. The prices are so great. So between those two stores I have his wardrobe pretty much covered. And there are some cool little boutique stores that I run into sometimes, but those are my two staples for my baby.”

Ciara also shared a pro tip for new moms who love buying their baby new shoes a little too frequently.

“I’m actually addicted to shopping for him so I’ve realized I’ve blown a lot money on shoes that he’s not going to fit in one week later,” she said. “So moms take it from me, do not buy your baby too many shoes when they’re so tiny because their feet grow every week.”

Now most women would think twice before having their man join them on a shopping spree, but Ciara said she loves shopping with her boyfriend, Russell Wilson.

“We’ve been shopping before and it’s really fun, actually. You would think that it could kind of tricky when boyfriend and girlfriend go, but we have fun,” she said. always gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, tips and news. We are committed to bringing you the best of Black lifestyle and celebrity culture.

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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