Drake and Future Named 'Most Stylish Men' by GQ

Drake and Future Named "Most Stylish Men," According To GQ

Drake and Future Named 'Most Stylish Men' by GQ

"You and yours versus me and mine. Man, what a time."

Published April 19, 2016

GQ's Annual Stylish Men list consisted of the usual suspects among Hollywood's fashionable elite like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Ryan Reynolds. However, this year’s list had a few surprises like Future, Odell Beckham Jr. and Drake. They beat out more notable style icons like Kanye West, Raphael Saadiq and Pharrell.

Odell Beckham Jr. is a bold man with taste, who is expressive and unpredictable. Future, solely crowned with impressive headgear, landed him a spot on this coveted list. According to GQ and Marc Williamson, proprietor of FlameKeepers Hat Club in Harlem, “[Wide-brimmed hats] were definitely considered an old guy's hat until Future started wearing them. Now we get plenty of calls from guys wanting the ‘Future hat.’ That's because context is everything. Future wears his geezer hats like a hipster, turning them into streetwear. It's a look that's enhanced by just a leather jacket or a T-shirt and that's how Future gets down.”

Surprisingly enough, Drake’s inclusion on the list came after The Guardian claimed Pharrell was no longer a style icon and that the Champagne Papi himself surpassed him in the regard. Drake has come a long way in the fashion world with his low-key aesthetic. Clearly, being around style goddess Rihanna has helped out the 6 God. 

(Photos from left: London Ent / Splash News, Moses Robinson/GC Images)

Written by Mya Abraham


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