Here's What the Jordan Brand Has to Say on Sneaker Violence


Here's What the Jordan Brand Has to Say on Sneaker Violence

The company's VP shares his thoughts.

Published July 30, 2016

The rate of sneaker violence has become gradually more alarming over the years with the constant growth of sneaker culture, especially in the United States. Those likely to be targeted as victims of this crime are owners of Jordan brand sneakers, and for the first time, the company's VP, Howard "H" White, is speaking out, sharing his thoughts on the hot topic.

"It saddens me... 'It's a shoe that I want so I'm going to take it.' Unfortunately those things happen, which are systematically bad," he said during an interview with Esquire. "...You hate to see that [sort of violence] over anything, actually. You would reduce yourself to this?"

While White is first on the corporate end to speak on the issue, Michael Jordan, himself, has reportedly spoken out on it in 2015, reaching out to the mother whose son was killed over Air Jordans.

Read White's full statement on the subject here.

Written by Moriba Cummings



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