1619-2019: From Trauma to Triumph

In 1619, the first Africans brutally taken as human cargo arrived in Virginia. Read about their harrowing transport 400 years ago and how American slavery began.

“We cannot change history or the impact that it had on past generations; but we should always recognize and learn from the perils and transgressions of mankind’s inhumanity against one another.”

Calvin Pearson, founder of the non-profit  Project 1619, Inc.

In late August of 1619, a ship landed in Point Comfort, Virginia, with what was recorded as “20 and odd Negars” on board. That crime against humanity 400 years ago would dramatically alter and shape the course of history — then and now. BET is launching our series 1619-2019: From Trauma To Triumph in order to commemorate this 400-year milestone which was the starting point of Black history in America. With this series, we will highlight not only the pain but the power and purpose of African-Americans over the centuries. Moreover, we will also recognize the artistic, cultural, economic, educational and other contributions that have shaped the landscape of the United States of America and the world. Join us on this journey.