Black, Female and Republican

Black, Female and Republican

If elected in November, Mia Love would be Utah's first Black congressional representative and the House's first Black woman Republican.

Published April 23, 2012

Here’s some news you don’t hear every day: Congress may get its first Black woman representing the GOP.

Mia Love, who won her primary race on Saturday in a major upset with 70.4 percent of the vote, hails from Utah. There’s more: Like Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney, whose son Josh has endorsed her candidacy, Love also is Mormon.

“According to liberals, I’m not supposed to exist. I know that I am going to be a target for the left. I have something to say to them: Game on,” she said during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

Love, 37, is the daughter of Haitian immigrants and mayor of her state’s city of Saratoga Springs. She’ll face off with incumbent Democrat Rep. Jim Matheson in November for a newly drawn district. National Review Online reports that the district is 60 percent Republican and a Salt Lake Tribune poll taken this month showed the Democratic candidate had only a slight lead of 45 to 42 percent. Love has reportedly secured the backing of the House Republicans’ top “Young Guns,” Majority Leader Eric Cantor; Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy; and Rep. Paul Ryan, chair of the House Budget Committee, who’ve made donations to her campaign, according to Deseret News.

If Love’s quest to unseat Matheson is successful, she plans to become the Congressional Black Caucus’s next conservative member, á la Rep. Allen West (R-Florida).

"Yes, yes. I would join the Congressional Black Caucus and try to take that thing apart from the inside out," she told Deseret News in a January interview.

"It’s demagoguery. They sit there and ignite emotions and ignite racism when there isn’t," Love added. "They use their positions to instill fear. Hope and change is turned into fear and blame. Fear that everybody is going lose everything and blaming Congress for everything instead of taking responsibility."


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Written by Joyce Jones


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