Obama Boy Celebrates the President's Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Obama Boy celebrates the president's support for same-sex marriage.

Obama Boy Celebrates the President's Support for Same-Sex Marriage

"Obama Boy" has a "crush" on the president and pays homage to the president's support of marriage equality. It's part parody of the wildly popular viral video "Obama Girl" from 2008.

Published June 15, 2012

Thanks for the memories, Obama Girl, but someone else has got a crush on the president that's more in keeping with the times. Meet Obama Boy, the creation of New York filmmaker John Duarte. Part parody of the wildly popular viral video "Obama Girl," which Amber Lee Ettinger launched in 2008 to announce her crush on the Democratic presidential candidate, "Obama Boy" also is an homage — to the president's support of marriage equality.

"Way back in 2008, you just couldn't relate," croons Justin Brown, who plays the new video's title character. "Your evolution. You're my solution. I put down my Prop 8 sign. Now I'm gonna make you mine. Progressive, caring and kind, cuz I gotta crush on Obama."

Inspired by the president's endorsement of same-sex marriage, Duarte wasted no time after Obama's announcement on ABC News.

"I started getting texts from friends asking if I'd seen that Obama was pro-gay marriage now. Later that night I was sitting in the audience of a sketch comedy show, and I was like, You know what? America needs an Obama Boy,'" he told the Daily Dot. "I wrote the song and stayed up till 3 o'clock in the morning that night. The next day, I started looking for an Obama Boy."

The next step was to convince his friend Brown, an actor and comedian, who's also straight, to play the flamboyant character while pole dancing in the New York City subway and eating corndogs. Based on the video's success, Duarte is hoping for collaboration between Obama Boy and Obama Girl.

He shouldn't get his hopes up too high. Ettinger told the Daily Caller that she's not as excited as she was the last time. Still, she's sincerely flattered by the imitation.

“Pretty much I think it’s hilarious. I’m flattered too!” she said. “I’ve been waiting for someone to do this and this guy did it.”

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(Photo: Courtesy ABC)

Written by Joyce Jones


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