Anti-Obama Rhetoric Hits New Low

Anti-Obama Rhetoric Hits New Low

Right-wing director Joel Gilbert sends DVD trashing President Obama's mother to swing state voters.

Published October 1, 2012

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Freedom of speech can sometimes be a bad thing. Yep, we said it. Hence a DVD being sent to voters in swing states that's essentially the worst kind of "yo mama" joke. The sad part is that it's not even funny and now tops the list of how low some people will go to denigrate President Obama.

Dreams From My Real Father is a pseudo-documentary created by right-wing director Joel Gilbert that claims Obama's mother, Ann Duncan, posed nude in bondage-style photographs for Frank Marshall Davis, a left-wing poet and Communist Party activist, whom it alleges is actually Obama's real father.

"I've concluded that the people who were asking, 'Where's the birth certificate?' were asking the wrong question," Gilbert likes to say. "The real question: 'Who's the father?'"

Gilbert won't say who funded the film and it won't be coming to a movie theater near you (Thank goodness). It is, however, hitting the mailboxes of voters living in some battleground states. DVDs of the film have reportedly been sent to Ohio, a key state in which Obama has a double-digit lead over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Voters in Nevada and New Hampshire also will receive copies of the film.

According to his Academy of American Poets biography, Davis, did have an interest in poetry and in 1947 moved from Chicago to Hawaii, where he operated a small business and wrote a weekly column for a local newspaper. There is, however, no evidence that he knew Duncan, who was several years his junior.

But that hasn't stopped Bill Armistead, Alabama Republican Party chairman, from giving the film two thumbs up and declaring it factual.

"I've seen it," he said last month. "I verified that it is factual, all of it."

Yeah, right.

A disclaimer for the film acknowledges that many of the scenes are “re-creations of probable events, using reasoned logic, speculation, and approximated conversations.”

In other words: lies, lies and more lies.


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Written by Joyce Jones


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