RNC-Funded Voter Fraud Probes Expanded

RNC-Funded Voter Fraud Probes Expanded

Rep. Elijah Cummings is launching a federal investigation into allegations of voter registration fraud against Strategic Allied Consulting.

Published October 2, 2012

There goes that karma thing again. After months of putting up roadblocks that would make it more difficult for certain groups to cast ballots -- all under the guise of preventing voter fraud -- the Republican Party now finds itself at the center of an unfolding voter fraud scandal.

In addition to state-level probes into whether Strategic Allied Consulting, paid $2.9 million by the Republican National Committee to register voters in several swing states has been committing voter registration fraud, Rep. Elijah Cummings, ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is demanding answers.

Last week, the GOP cut ties to the firm after news broke that Florida officials were investigating allegations that it had submitted questionable forms. RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said the party has "zero tolerance" for such behavior. But according to Nathan Sproul, who heads Strategic Allied, the party not only knew of similar claims made against him in the past, it also asked him to create the firm to hide the connection.

Cummings on Monday sent a letter to Sproul requesting documents and that he and other company officials appear before his committee to participate in transcribed interviews.

"Instead of the RNC having 'zero tolerance' for voter fraud, you claimed that RNC officials asked you to form your new company, Strategic Allied Consulting, in June for the specific purpose of concealing your connections to these previous allegations," wrote Cummings. "In a blunt concession, you reportedly stated that you 'created Strategic Allied Consulting at the request of the Republican National Committee because of the bad publicity stemming from past allegations'."

Cummings also asked Sproul to provide copies of all contracts and correspondence with the RNC, state political parties, and other entities related to establishing the company; all materials used for voter registration training; and any information alleging irregularities with its voter registration efforts.

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Written by Joyce Jones


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