Why Obama Deserves Four More Years

Renée Perry: Why Obama Needs Four More Years

Why Obama Deserves Four More Years

Chicago resident Renée Perry says America needs four more years of an Obama White House.

Published November 6, 2012

REPORTED FROM CHICAGO--Renée Perry says America needs four more years of both Obamas. Perry, 26, is a pharmacy technician at CVS in Chicago. When BET.com checked in on her at work, Perry made the case for keeping Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House. 

Why Obama?
I think he's been doing a good job, and he told us he needs a second term. Once the second term is over, he'll have made much more progress.

In what way?
There will be more jobs and public aid will still be there for people who really need it. I think his opposition would definitely make it harder for the lower-middle class of America.

As a Chicagoan, do you feel a special pride in seeing Michelle Obama in the White House?
She represented African American women and her husband well. I feel like other first ladies were quiet and laid back and she stepped out and got involved with everyone.

What kind of role model has she been?
She's fashionable and classy and sets a good example. She shows young women you can be smart, go to school and have your own and still be with someone who's successful and have his back at the same time. She's a great example for all women, but especially African American women.

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(Photo: Courtesy Renee Perry)

Written by Joyce Jones


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