Values Trump Economy

Values Trump Economy

Chicago resident Chris Agada wants a president who shares his values.

Published November 6, 2012

REPORTED FROM CHICAGO — Chris Agada, 28, an information technology consultant in Chicago, doesn't think that President Obama has done a bad job, but his views on certain moral issues differ sharply from his. Here's what Agada had to say as raced with him to catch the commuter rail home. Are you voting on Election Day?
Chris Agada:

Why did you wait until this evening?
Ha, ha, time. I'm busy.

Who are you voting for?
I'd like to keep that private.

Which issues are most important to you in this election?
I'm definitely pro-life and against gay marriages and things like that.

So, is that a hint about who you're voting for?
Yeah, that's pretty much it.

What about the economy?
I definitely want to see the economy fixed. It's gotten a little bit better, but needs some improvement for sure.

What kind of president do you think Obama's been?
He's been OK; he's been good.

If re-elected, what would you like to see him do differently?
Definitely more on jobs and job creation.

And if Mitt Romney's elected?
The same thing — job creation and improving on the economy.

Do you want him to overturn some of the social policies you object to?
Yes, that definitely would be good.

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(Photo: Courtesy Chris Agada)

Written by Joyce Jones


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