Obama Chokes Up During Speech to Campaign Staffers

Obama Chokes Up During Speech to Campaign Staffers

Obama Chokes Up During Speech to Campaign Staffers

President Obama wept during an emotional speech to campaign workers.

Published November 9, 2012

President Obama is known as a cool operator. He is all thought and little emotion during tough negotiations, earning him the moniker "No Drama Obama" and the ire of some Capitol Hill lawmakers. Perhaps that's why the teary thank-you the president delivered to campaign staffers and volunteers after the election is getting so much attention.

“Even before last night’s results, I felt that the work that I had done in running for office had come full circle," Obama said as he wiped away his tears. "Because what you guys have done means that the work that I’m doing is important. And I’m really proud of that. I’m really proud of all of you.”

The group responded with applause.

His campaign released a five-minute video of the emotional address made Wednesday at his Chicago headquarters. In the video, the president also expressed confidence that everyone who worked on the campaign will "do just amazing things" in their lives.

"[The] most important thing you need to know is that your journey is just beginning," Obama said. "You're just starting, and whatever good we do over the next four years will pale in comparison to what you guys end up accomplishing for years and years to come."

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(Photo: BarackObama.com)

Written by Joyce Jones


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