Libyan Rebels Killing Blacks, Says AU

Libyan Rebels Killing Blacks, Says AU

African Union Chairman Jean Ping spoke out Monday and declared that the group will not support the interim Libyan government until the indiscriminate killing of Blacks stops.

Published August 29, 2011

The African Union expressed concerns Monday that Libyan rebels may be killing innocent Black people in Libya because of confusion over whether they are hired mercenaries or simply immigrants.

According to the Associated Press, AU Chairman Jean Ping cited this concern as one of the reasons they will not recognize the National Transitional Council as the country's interim government.

"We need clarification because the NTC seems to confuse Black people with mercenaries... They are killing normal workers,” Ping said, calling on both rebels and loyalists to "stop the killing."

After a week of intense fighting between the rebel National Transitional Council and loyalists to Col. Moammar Gadhafi, the rebels came out on top and are now looking for international support and recognition for their new government in transition.

Confusion surrounding the misidentification of Blacks in Libya has been a problem since earlier this year when reports claimed that Gadhafi conscripted scores of Black Africans for a mercenary force used to quietly crush dissidents. Since then the Gadhafi government has maintained that the reports were false and the so-called mercenaries were simply immigrants.

(Photo: AP Photo)

Written by Naeesa Aziz


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