A Whites-Only Settlement in South Africa?

A Whites-Only Settlement in South Africa?

Some South Africans are accusing the rural enclave Kleinfontein of adhering to apartheid through racial segregation. Located near the country's capitol, Pretoria, the small, all-white settlement accepts only individuals of Afrikaaner descent.

Published May 31, 2013

Residents of the rainbow nation have discovered a more monochromatic community among them.  

The private Afrikaaner settlement of Kleinfontein does not address race in its manifesto, yet some South Africans are accusing the rural enclave of adhering to apartheid through racial segregation.  

"Kleinfontein is a cultural community," Kleinfontein’s spokeswoman Marisa Haasbroek told CNN, "If you are not an Afrikaaner you cannot live here."

As required, each of the town’s 1,000 inhabitants is of Afrikaans descent, their ancestors European colonizers who arrived in South Africa in the 1600s. Each inhabitant speaks Afrikaans, the Dutch-based language of those same ancestors. And each inhabitant of Kleinfontein is white.

A recent newspaper report uncovered the selective community, sparking questions as to whether Kleinfontein should even be permitted to exist. Young members of the political party Democratic Alliance held a demonstration in the town last week to protest the unspoken racial exclusivity.

"By creating a 'whites-only' area, this community is saying that it has no respect for people who are different from them. It is saying that it fears people who are different," Mbali Ntuli, the party's youth leader, reportedly said.

"That's simply not true," Haasbroek told reporters. "We do not discriminate, we differentiate."

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(Photo: WikiCommons)

Written by Patrice Peck


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