How Everyday Egyptians Cope Amid Chaos

(Photo: CNN)

How Everyday Egyptians Cope Amid Chaos

Egyptians have found various ways to cope with the violent chaos surrounding them, including sulking, clubbing and burying their loved ones.

Published August 21, 2013

The protests have often disrupted the young team behind the lifestyle website CairoScene, who work beside Nadha Square. (Photo: CNN)

For the past several weeks, Mayar Adly, 20, has suffered from an acute case of cabin fever.

"I don't go out as much as I used to go before," she told CNN. "I'm so bored. My life sucks."

The ongoing protests and bloody clashes in Egypt sparked by the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi have infringed on her social life, relegating her to her Cairo home with her family members and their cats.

While Adly’s father forbade his daughter from protesting, recent gunshots heard from outside the three-room high-rise apartment interrupted the family’s refuge. Still, the young woman yearns for the day she can finally go out.

Adly’s situation sheds an alternate light on contemporary Egypt.

The protests have taken precedent in the African nation, where recent fights between security forces and the Muslim Brotherhood and pro-Morsi supporters have led to more than 800 deaths. But what about those not involved in the skirmishes?

As CNN reports, Adly and other Egyptians are navigating everyday life amid chaos in their own ways:   

There's more to do in Cairo than just protest. Just look at lifestyle website CairoScene.

On Tuesday, for instance, there's Johnny's Karaoke Night, Culturewheel's Mime Festival and the Arab Music Festival Ceremony at the Cairo Opera House.

You can get one pizza free if you buy another at Boosters, and it's ladies night at Yasso Lounge.

The young Egyptians who put out CairoScene work at a building in an upscale Cairo neighborhood. It's next to Nahda Square, where the Muslim Brotherhood staged a sit-in, and the protests sometimes prevented them from getting to work.

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Written by Patrice Peck


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