Another Racist Obama Cartoon?

Another Racist Obama Cartoon?

A Brazilian cartoon depicted a monkey listing stereotypical lunch menu items for President Obama.

Published March 22, 2011

Since entering office in 2009, President Obama has had his share of controversial—or what some might consider racist—cartoon depictions.

In the past, our president has been depicted on a waffle box (à la Aunt Jemima), as an Islamic terrorist and as a dead chimpanzee.

The latest is a drawing recently featured on Brazilian site Paraná Online that showed a monkey listing lunch menu items for the president, who left Brazil Sunday after a two-day visit. “Obama will have for lunch for baiaõ-for-two steak, ice cream ... and bananas, many bananas,” the cartoon monkey says. Baiaõ-for-two is a meal closely associated with a mostly Black region of Brazil, and bananas, of course, are associated with monkeys. The drawing has since been pulled down.

Racial stereotypes are not uncommon in Brazil, where Blacks are often relegated to more minor server roles on television. And, in a nation where half of the population is either Black or mixed race, there has never been a Black president, and Blacks have minimal representation in national government.


(Photo:  Parana Online)

Written by Hortense M. Barber


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