Obama: U.S. and India Can Cooperate on Nuclear Issue

Obama: U.S. and India Can Cooperate on Nuclear Issue

Published November 8, 2010

NEW DELHI – President Barack Obama says the United States and India can work together to "secure the world's vulnerable nuclear materials."

Obama made the assertion in a speech Monday night to India's parliament, saying both countries have a responsibility to work against nuclear proliferation and saying the two share that goal, among many.

The president said that Washington and New Delhi can work together to "pursue a vision that Indian leaders have espoused since independence — a world without nuclear weapons." He said countries must have peaceful programs, and abide by world rules, specifically mentioning Iran.

Obama noted the new START treaty he negotiated with Russia to reduce nuclear arsenals. He has asked the Senate to ratify the pact during its post-election session beginning next week.

Written by Associated Press


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