Get Smart, Lose the Fat

Get Smart, Lose the Fat

Five small switches for a low-fat diet.

Published May 10, 2011

When it comes down to it, burning more calories than you take in is the only way to lose weight. Of course exercise is a great way to burn extra calories and cutting excess fat from your diet can be a huge help too.


Comparing foods by grams, choices high in fat usually have more calories. Cutting out just 25 grams of fat a day can save you up to 225 calories. This little tweak to your diet can have you losing nearly a half a pound of body fat a week.


It may be uncomfortable at first, but with 33 percent of African-Americans overweight a few swaps for healthy fats, or no fat when possible, is well worth the effort.


Here are a few ways to get started:


Use skim milk instead of cream. If you have to have your coffee, going for skim milk in place of cream can help you shave off almost 4 grams of fat per cup. If you’re feeling bold lose the milk and cream all together and sip it black.


Try cottage cheese instead of cream cheese. When most people think of bagels they think of cream cheese, but replacing the popular spread with cottage cheese can save you around 15 grams of fat. Remember, though, to opt for low-fat cottage cheese to get extra protein without the fat.


Get ham instead of pepperoni on your next slice. Most pizza is high in fat, but if you have to have your pie with meat, ham is a better bet. Making the switch cuts nearly 9 grams of fat per ounce. If you’re really committed to lowering the fat of your pizza, request half the normal amount of cheese and no meat.

Embrace egg whites. Omelets are filling and packed with protein. To take your breakfast to the next level toss the yolk and double the egg white. You’ll save 15 grams of fat compared to a 3 whole egg omelet. Throw in some veggies and you’ll be fueled for hours.


Lose the burger, embrace the chicken. The next time you’re firing up the grill, replacing a cheeseburger with a grilled chicken burger may be the way to go. The average frozen hamburger has about 22 grams of fat. Choosing chicken breast can save you 19 grams of fat, putting you in reach of that 25 grams a day goal in one swoop.




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Written by Brandi Tape


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