Wake Up Sleepy Head

Wake Up Sleepy Head

Five tips to get you up and at ‘em.

Published May 16, 2011

Whether you were up late studying, working, have a new baby or were just dancing the night away, there are those days when day breaks before you’re ready. While your first instinct may be to reach for that cup of coffee, researchers at the University of Bristol say that caffeine does not increase mental alertness.


So if that triple-latté from Starbucks won’t help, what will? Try these simple strategies to get yourself out of bed and ready to face the day:


Chill Out. Your first instinct may be to take a nice hot shower, but if you’re tired that is the wrong move. Hot water actually makes swelling and puffy eyes from lack of sleep worse. Try using a cold washcloth as a compress over your eyes for a couple of minutes to minimize the veins in your eyes, getting rid of that bloodshot look.

Focus on Your Eyes. Your eyes can get dehydrated while you sleep, which ultimately causes wrinkles. Using an oil-free cream with hyaluronic acid before going to bed will go a long way to hydrate that delicate skin under your eyes. This is what helps you look young and fresh.


Go Salt Free. Too much salt can make your body hold onto excess water. As soon as you lie down you’ll begin to bloat, leading to droopy eyelids and telltale bags under your eyes. When you know you’re in for a late night and early morning avoid salty food and try to remember to sleep with your head propped up on a few extra pillows.


Go Natural. Scents like jasmine, peppermint and citrus have been known to affect certain parts of the brain and nerves, making you feel refreshed and awake. You don’t even need fancy body washes, simply eating a fresh orange, grapefruit or even a steaming cup of peppermint tea can do the trick.

Buy Fresh Flowers. Having fresh blooms on your dresser does more than just look pretty. In a study commissioned by Harvard University it was found that having fresh flowers around the house makes individuals feel happier and more energetic.


(Photo: Patrick Pleul/Landov)

Written by Brandi Tape


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