Women Stand Up to Unhealthy Lifestyles

Women Stand Up to Unhealthy Lifestyles

The Black Women’s Health Alliance kicks off a campaign to combat the increase in heart disease, obesity, and depression in Philadelphia's African-American community.

Published May 31, 2011

This Thursday will be designated  “Creating a Legacy of Wellness: Mind Body & Spirit” Day by the Philadelphia City Council in Pennsylvania.


The Black Women’s Health Alliance is helping to kick off the day, which will also be a new campaign aimed at influencing the city’s political and community leaders to be more concerned about the health of their constituents.


“We have to do something to reverse this negative trend toward unhealthy lifestyles in the African-American community,” Brenda Shelton-Dunston, executive director of the Black Women’s Health Alliance said. “We hope this event inspires invited guests from area churches and community organizations to make health a number one priority.”


The campaign seeks to align minority leaders to help reduce—through advocacy, education and support—many health disparities from which African-American women suffer including the rise in heart disease, obesity and depression.  The campaign also aims to increase knowledge and awareness in the areas of weight reduction, stress, depression, mental health, and cardiovascular disease in women and girls.

(Photo: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

Written by Danielle Wright


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