What Carcinogens Are Lurking in Your Home?

What Carcinogens Are Lurking in Your Home?

Seven products that could cause cancer.

Published June 7, 2011

The World Health Organization announced Tuesday that cellphones could possibly cause cancer. The cancer research section of the WHO, called the International Agency for Research on Cancer, has labeled cellphones as a class "2b," which means they could be a carcinogen.


The IARC has compiled its own list of some of the carcinogens that they believe could cause cancer. Some of the substances on the roster are ones a lot of people come in contact with on a daily basis. Check out this short list to see how well you really know your risk factor for cancer:


—Formaldehyde: This stuff is colorless, flammable and has a strong smell. It’s often found in household products like disinfectants, plywood, glues and insulation materials.


—Paradichlorobenzene: This substance can be found in toilet bowl cleaners, room deodorizers and toilet bowl freshener blocks. This chemical can be harmful to the central nervous system.


—Perchloroethylene: These chemicals are sometimes found in dry cleaning fluid, spot removers, metal degreasing agents and carpet cleaners.


—Pesticides: Often used to control bugs and other pests, they can also be full of sodium 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetate. This could lead to lymphoma and leukemia.


—Tobacco smoke and smokeless tobacco: While it’s not a secret tobacco can lead to cancer, it is worth reminding you that it’s not just actual cigarette smoke that is harmful. Smokeless tobacco products can cause cancer as well.


—Talcum powder: This powder’s main ingredient is, you guessed it, talc, which is suspected to lead to an increase risk of ovarian cancer.


—Dioxin: Sometimes found in air fresheners and disinfectants, this chemical has been found to lead to cancer. One 2002 study was able to link the chemical to an increase of breast cancer, in particular.

(Photo: The Washington Times/Landov)

Written by Brandi Tape


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