On Blacks and Fat: Erika Nicole Kendall

On Blacks and Fat: Erika Nicole Kendall

This weight-loss blogger, who has lost 160 pounds, says it's a myth that Black women accept obesity.

Published April 25, 2012

Obesity is more common in African-Americans than in other ethnic groups. But when it comes to Black people and weight, that's where the agreement seem to ends. Is food the culprit? Is exercise the solution? Is there even a real problem to begin with, or should we be focusing on health — or even self-acceptance — rather than the number on the scale?

Against the backdrop of the first lady's mission to slim down the nation's kids, Black celebs getting endorsements after shedding inches and a booming weight-loss industry, The Root will publish a series of interviews with medical professionals, activists and fitness enthusiasts that reveal the complexity of this issue and the range of approaches to it.

For the second in the series, The Root talked to Erika Nicole Kendall, who blogs for more than 150,000 followers about the lessons learned while dropping 160 pounds, at a Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss.

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Written by Jenée Desmond-Harris, theroot.com


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