Stay Healthier on the Plane

Stay Healthier on the Plane

Stay Healthier on the Plane

Tips for keep up your immune system strong as you travel.

Published December 26, 2012

An estimated 268 million African American passengers will travel aboard U.S. airliners this year, many of which will be traveling to their family reunions, often enduring delays and increasingly crowded planes—and perhaps even a seat next to someone who is a sneezer or cougher.

So, what can travelers do to stay well? Plenty, say experts. Here are some tips:

The Problem: Dry Cabin Air

The low humidity in airplane cabins tends to dry out the sensitive mucus membranes in the upper airways where viruses and bacteria can take hold.

What To Do:

• Keep drinking (healthy beverages, of course). Ideally, have 8 ounces of water or fruit juice for each hour of your trip.

• Stick to bottled or canned water and juices, and limit alcohol or caffeinated drinks, which can be dehydrating.

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Written by Lorraine Jones,


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