How to Kill Your Husband

How to Kill Your Husband

How to Kill Your Husband

Are you loving your husband to death with unhealthy habits?

Published March 12, 2013

March Madness? For more reasons than one, March is the month when evil lurks in the hearts of even the most kind-hearted women. Maybe you are a woman who needs your husband’s life insurance money, or you have had just enough of his messing around on you. Maybe he is not abusive, just selfish. Or maybe he forgot your birthday and or anniversary one too many times.

You won’t need a weapon. You won’t need to take a scenic drive to the mountains so you can push him over a cliff. You already have all the tools you need to accomplish the sinister deed. He will be pushing up daisies, and your friends, family and the entire community will probably give you the “Wife of the Year” award. No police will knock, and there will be no embarrassing court trial.

People who know your husband will tell you things like:

“Your husband was a happy. You did everything to take care of that man.”

“You were such a wonderful and devoted wife.”

“There was nothing you wouldn’t do for your husband.”

“Girl, you loved that man to death.”

Do I have your attention?

The average American wife can expect to outlive her husband for about 15 years. That’s because men usually marry younger woman, and then die about seven years earlier than their spouses. But if you want to try for 25 or even 30 years without him, this article is for you.

Read more about the ways that you may be harming your husband/boyfriend’s health at Black Health Matters.

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Written by B. Waine Kong, Ph.D., Black Health Matters


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